About Us

Puppies in the Mountains, Inc., sees a future where nontraditional expressions of wholehearted joy, camaraderie, and sexuality are welcomed and encouraged to be their complete selves. The emergent Puppy and Handler community is one of unconditional joy; and its diverse members tap a primal sense of carefree play, communal pack-hood, and open-hearted sexual identity.

Our organization seeks to affirm and encourage the development of the PAH ethos through events that are welcoming and well-organized, safe and private, expressive and educational, and ridiculously fun.

We started as a project of the Denver boys of Leather in 2008. In 2016 we spun off from DboL to create an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to the PAH community, and in 2017 we relaunched our flagship event as a wholly immersive experience in the Black Forest of Colorado outside Colorado Springs.