Play With Your Pack

Puppies in the Mountains is an amazing weekend getaway for human pups, critters, and handlers, and the people who love them. It's an event like no other where you can simply be yourself in a safe and accepting space. Tap into unconditional joy, unleash for carefree play, and let go of your human inhibitions or worries to be a part of an awesome, welcoming community.

When we started Puppies in the Mountains ten years ago, it was the first event of its kind just for puppies and handlers. This year, we're making it an even more richly immersive experience where you can learn, laugh, hang out, make friends, relax, and best of all, simply play.

Why Join Us?

  • It's completely private! We're taking over a retreat center nestled in Colorado's Black Forest.
  • Food and lodging is included!
  • We'll have a huge mosh area, plenty of toys and treats, and games!
  • Explore the outdoors by hiking a trail, playing in the shadow of Pikes Peak, roast marshmellows under the night sky, or meditate while walking a labyrinth.
  • Opportunites to talk, learn, and share your experiences as you get to know new friends
  • All Are Welcome - including other critters!

What Happens At PITM?

Puppies in the Mountains is not like any other fetish community event you've been to. We don't build in a lot of structure, have a schedule full of seminars or lectures, nor have any title contests or pageantry. We just want to hang out and have a lot of fun! We are still planning the details of the event, but here are some of the ideas we're putting together:

  • Plenty of play time in our huge mosh area
  • Games for puppies and humans alike
  • Cuddles during movie night, story time, or camp fires
  • Discussion groups for pups and handlers
  • Excursions to Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods

Everyone is Welcome

All sorts of people come to Puppies in the Mountains. Some of us are in pup mode as often as possible, some only play in the bedroom. It doesn't matter how you like to play or how long you've been a part of the community: you will be welcomed and you will have a great time.

If you're brand new and nervous about attending something like this, don't be! In fact, you should come because this is the best way to learn more about yourself. And this is not a gigantic event - space is limited to keep the event small and friendly, and everyone who comes is a part of the PAH community in some way.

What About Other Critters?

We're welcoming all the critters who want to join our pack—so if you want to come to this amazing retreat and don't identify as a pup/handler, you will still be welcomed with open arms to join us and participate.