Sponsor PITM and Puppy Kisses Shall Abound!

Do you love puppies? Do you have a business or product that puppies and handlers will love? Then become a sponsor of Puppies in the Mountains!

When you sponsor PITM, you are helping to underwrite the largest all-Puppies community gathering in the country, reaching a dedicated and loyal audience. Attendance is expected around 100 at this year's event, plus a few hundred more people on our mailing list and social media accounts where we'll also promote your company and give you lots of digital puppy kisses!

So what do you get when you Sponsor this one-of-a-kind event (apart from puppy love, of course)?

Sponsorship Levels

Copper - $100

  • 1/4 page ad in Run Book
  • Verbal acknowledgement throughout the Event
  • Acknowledgement on Sponsor page in Run Book
  • Postcard in run bag at the Event

Silver - $200

  • 1/2 page ad in Run Book
  • Copper level extras plus Up to 2 items along with a postcard in run bag

Gold - $400

  • 1 Full page ad in Run Book
  • Copper + Silver level extras plus:
    • Banner displayed at the Event (you provide)
    • A pair of tiles with your logo for the concentration game played during the 2017 Event

Platinum - $500

  • Premium Pages ads in Run Book (Inside Front Cover, Back Inside Cover, or Back Page ... limited space available)
  • Copper + Silver + Gold level extras plus 1 entry into the 2017 Event

Corporate - $600

  • Premium Pages ad in Run Book - Two Full Page size ad in Center of Run Book (only one available)
  • Copper + Silver + Gold level extras plus 2 entries into the 2017 Event

And when you support Puppies in the Mountains, you are supporting a 501(c)3 charitible organization, so any additional donation you want to provide is tax deductible!

Note: Clickable links to your website depends on your website content. If you have a concern or question about this please contact us to discuss it.

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