Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions about Puppies in the Mountains. Click any question to get the answer. If you have a question that's not listed here, email us.

Who Can Come

I am female / trans / a person of color / straight / etc?   

Everyone is welcome at Puppies in the Mountains, regardless of age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, or experience level. If you are a pup or handler—or you just love them—you're welcome!

I'm new to this stuff, I don't have a mask, and not sure I would fit in...   

The Puppy and Handler community is one of the most welcoming, friendly, loving groups in all of the fetish world. We have guests who have been pups for years, and others for whom this is their first event ever. If you're new to the community, then Puppies in the Mountains is the perfect event for you.

I'm a kitty or a pony, can I come?   

Yes, you are welcome to join us and participate! The even primarily caters to puppies and handlers, and we're expanding to include all the critters who want to join our pack. Please bear with us as we learn how to make the event accommodating and enjoyable for all our guests. (Ponies, please note that outdoor carriages are not permitted by the venue—there are no paved roads.)

I have mobility concerns   

The venue has ADA-compliant housing and common area facilities. The main road that rings the grounds is easily walkable, and there are parking spaces at each cabin. During registration, please let us know if you have mobility concerns and/or require ADA-compliant facilities. We'll make sure your cabin is as close to the common spaces as possible.

What are the age limits?   

Anyone who will be at least 18 years old on September 27, 2024, may register for Puppies in the Mountains. You will be required to bring valid government ID to prove your age.


Is a COVID-19 Vaccine required?   

Yes. All guests must have at least one dose of an FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine, and will be asked to show us a copy of their vaccination record at check-in. If you have a medical reason for not getting vaccinated, please contact the BOD before attending to discuss a plan to keep yourself and others safe.

I have special food concerns...   

Our venue has a fully equipped commercial kitchen and experienced chefs who will be preparing our meals. They can accommodate a range of dietary needs including gluten intolerant and celiac disease, vegetarians, nut allergies, and more. During registration you can check off any concerns you have, and feel free to contact us to ask about specifics.

Are there any discounts for titleholders, group discounts, etc?   

The only discount we offer at this time is early registration. Puppies in the Mountains is a nonprofit organization and no one is profiting off this event. Instead we are working hard to set a price that covers the costs and makes for an amazing event.

How do I get to Puppies In The Mountains?   

If you are from Colorado, drive to Colorado Springs.

If you're not from Colorado, you could drive here. Or you can fly into either Denver International Airport or Colorado Springs Airport.

NEW There will be a single shuttle trip from Denver International Airport. Two vans will depart DIA on Friday at about 2pm. If you want to use the shuttle, you will need to land at Denver International Airport by 1:30pm on Friday. The shuttle vans will return to DIA by noon on Monday, so plan a departure for 2pm or later on Monday. More details will be posted closer to the event, but this will help you plan your travel. We will not be planning a shuttle from Colorado Springs Airport.

If you will not arrive until later on Friday, or planning to fly to Colorado Springs Airport, or arriving/departing on other days, please plan to make your own car rental arrangements.

Can I volunteer in exchange for a discount?   

Puppies in the Mountains is designed as an immersive experience for pups and handlers. We want our guests to be entirely in the experience. Therefore, we recruit volunteers as a separate group who do not primarily identify as either pup or handler.

What are the housing facilities like?   

Most guests will be housed in a cabin. Each cabin is heated (most have a fireplace too) and has running water, private bathrooms, etc.

The beds are all twin sized beds, and most of the rooms have bunk beds. You will share your room with others, but there is a max of 4 people per cabin bedroom. Sheets, blankets, and linens are not provided, however, so you'll either need to bring your own (recommended) or rent a set of linens for $25.

Update! The venue has upgraded all their mattresses with inner-spring mattresses with a two-layer foam topper.

Can I choose my roommates?   

A few months before the event we'll give you the opportunity to tell us your housing preferences. If you're coming with a pack, or really don't like the top bunk, we'll do our best to make you as comfortable as possible.

Can I make other housing arrangements, like a hotel or drive from home?   

You certainly can make other housing arrangements, but there is no discount from your registration fee. Puppies in the Mountains is an immersive community experience, come be a part of the whole thing!

Is there WiFi? Will my phone work?   

There is limited WiFi and reasonable cell phone coverage. But that's not really the point, is it?

What's the payment and cancellation policy?   

You can opt to pay for your registration over time, for no additional fee! Simply finish paying by August 31, 2024. You have until August 15, 2024 to cancel for a full refund. After that date, you'll get a 50% refund. After August 31st there are no refunds.

About The Experience

What's the schedule like?   

We are still working on the details for the event, but Puppies in the Mountains is a low-structure, low-stress event. You can choose to participate in discussion groups, or not. You can mosh your heart out, or not. We're also planning some additional activities, like a visit to Garden of the Gods or Pikes Peak. If you have ideas, please contact us with them!

Will there be anyone else at the venue?   

We have the place all to ourselves. Venue staff will be present, mainly during meal times, but they are a welcoming and open-minded group of people and are fully aware of who we are and what we're doing. They won't judge. It's possible, if unlikely, that random people could show up at the venue as it's a camp that is well loved by two generations of attendees and the venue has recently done a lot of rehab work, but key areas of the venue will be closed off for us.

Note that this is a public venue and others might visit the venue during the day. We will be establishing boundaries where certain gear is not permitted to protect the venue and guests who might not expect to find a bunch of puppies running around.

Can I really stay in my gear all weekend?   

As much as possible, yes. There is no dress code inside cabins, inside private event buildings, and in select outdoor areas. As we build a relationship with this venue we hope to expand more areas in future years.

Is this a sex party?   

No. PITM is an adult-oriented fetish community event, where adult language, situations, and nudity may be present. PITM is not a sexual event and there is no sanctioned opportunity for sexual activity.

I'm a private puppy, I don't want my picture blasted all over Facebook.   

Only our official photographers may take photos in common spaces during the event. Photos are only ever shared with other attendees at each year's event. They will not be shared on Facebook, used in our marketing, or any other way. You can request to have a photo removed from the private gallery if you're not comfortable with it.

What about my favorite vices? (Alcohol, Smoking, Marijuana)   

You may bring alcohol. And smoking is allowed in designated outdoor areas. Please respect your fellow guests and our hosts by not getting blind stinkin' drunk, acting like a jerk, or making a mess. No drugs will be permitted, including marjiuana. While cannabis is legal in Colorado, the venue is considered a public space and cannabis may not be used on the grounds. Anyone who possesses or uses other drugs will be asked to leave.

Is there a vendor market?   

We will not have a vendor market. Nor is selling stuff permitted. If you have a business or product, then you should become a sponsor!